Peace and Development Inc. Consulting Group (PDI Consulting Group Welcomes You!)

Peace and Development Inc. (PDI) Business Brief

What is PDI?

PDI (Peace and Development Inc) is a consulting firm committed to making international public and private sector actors responsible and responsive to their international constituents and communities.

PDI believes that international actors are more able to achieve their goals, if they are accountable to the client populations and needs in a measurable manner so that results can be visibly seen, accountably demonstrated, and popularly felt.

What does PDI do?

  • 1) PDI prepares country risk analysis and sector analysis for pre-investment.    PDI conducts on-site consultation, field visits, presentations, Question and Answer sessions, and reports for clients to clarify and focus pre-investment issues – by industry, sector, country, and region.
  • PDI conducts executive coaching, training and development for teams as well as individuals in management, motivation, business processes, marketing, streamlining costs, and fund raising.
  • PDI develops communication materials, conference preparation, publicity materials, and strategy for visibility placement for national and international clients for social causes.
  • PDI creates monitoring and evaluation plans and finds bottlenecks preventing delivery of results to help make international system players accountable to their constituencies.
  • PDI builds client-focused solutions using needs analysis, client-driven problem assessment, and operations solutions keyed to each client’s business needs.

Who are PDI’s Clients?

  • Multilateral Institutions
  • International and National Financial Institutions
  • Consulting Firms and Multinational Companies
  • Public Sector Enterprises
  • Academia

PDI Accomplishments:

  • Leading project to build sustainable business practices, business core sustainability, case statement, communication strategy, and fundraising strategy.  (H.E.A.R.T. 9/11, New Jersey, USA —2010)
  • Helped on Iraq Violence project with development of research approach, hiring, and critique of issues in management. (SCS Sweden, Beirut, Lebanon —2010)
  • Aided in assessing grant proposals from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Liberia, and 30 other countries. (UN Democracy Fund, UN Office of Partnerships, United Nations, New York —2010)
  • Assisted in conference preparation for Copenhagen Climate Summit, a $5 million grant proposal, communications package including brand imaging, policy briefs, and marketing materials. (UN Development Programme, UNDP, New York —2009)
  • Helped manage projects and to prepare and present strategic plans for women’s rights in a 20 country portfolio in the Asia Pacific. (UN Development Fund for Women, UNIFEM, New York —2008)
  • Worked to develop situation analysis of 140 countries, streamline core objectives, represent organization in key forums, and assist in managing events and campaigns. (UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF New York —2007/8)
  • Helped with change management, integrated planning system, budget development, writing and putting together the annual standard progress report (UN Population Fund, UNFPA, New York —2008/9)
  • Assisted in Kosovo to set up and manage a gender violence project (US$190,000) with local NGO consortium, strengthening governance, advocacy, legislation, and security for women.   (UN Population Fund Kosovo Office—UNFPA Kosovo —2007)
  • Helped in Kosovo negotiate political solutions for good governance, address corruption and create action memos, report undemocratic practices, irregularities and misappropriation, transferred competencies, trained local staff, and addressed pivotal democratization issues.  (UN Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo—UNMIK —2006/7)
  • Helped in Liberia in conducting the first post-war election, monitor vote count and ballots retrieval with military peacekeeper escorts, create reintegration programmes for war affected, plan contingency plans with international partners, and build capacity of local Mayor.  (UN Mission in Liberia—UNMIL —2005)
  • Helped an American non-profit in Afghanistan to build capacity of staff in management and administration, taking over as interim country director, renegotiating resource-sharing agreements, directing all fundraising and development, and manage major donors contributions.  (Equal Access, San Francisco; Kabul, Afghanistan —2005)
  • Helped a private American consulting firm with economic governance, restructuring, and transfer of capacity planning on a $100 million project in Afghanistan. (BearingPoint for USAID, Kabul, Afghanistan —2005)
  • Worked closely with an international bank initiate and implement Afghanistan Knowledge Gateway project for $2.3 million, conduct high-level donor relations, coordinate and write sector analysis for investment. (Technical Assistance Feasibility Studies Unit in Prime Minister’s Compound, Afghanistan —2004/5).
  • Assisted a Swiss NGO to transfer ownership to local Afghan NGO structure, thereby helping in donor relations, proposal writing, & creating organizational infrastructure. (swisspeace —2004)
  • Researched think-tank work on Iraqi education initiatives, especially during the initial stages of war. (Columbia University Conflict Resolution Center hosting UNESCO, and US Institute for Peace —2002/3)
  • Helped conduct research, teach courses, present findings, secure funding, publish report, and co-edit a textbook for an academic university setting. (UC Riverside-California, UC Irvine-California – 1997-2002)

Examples of Services Offered:

1)      Business Writing including business proposals, year-end reports, analysis, and BPO log jam assessment.

2)      Fundraising strategy, fundraising research, donor reports, and fundraising training.

3)      Advertising and Marketing for strategic placement.

4)      Grants Management including writing of grants, grants research, grant reporting, and grant spending.

5)      Editorial Services including editing of reports, communication packages, and marketing materials.

6)      Executive and Team coaching

7)      International and National Business Intelligence Analysis for Investments

8)      Public Relations coaching, advising, and press coaching.

9)      International Languages, culture, and societal sensitivity training for executives for business trips and meetings.

10)   Life Coaching for staff, balance of life and work coaching for more effective business growth and life balance.